4 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch out for in 2021

  1. Image and Video Search
    Right now, the norm is to type in key-words into a search engine for the image or video you’re looking for. However, a practice which is currently on the rise and will surely start being the norm very soon is submitting images or videos to bring up context or similar items in the image/video. This search technique will completely alter the SEO landscape which for now has heavily relied on textual methods to gain optimal positions online. This shift in use will especially alter the way e-commerce brands manage their SEO activity as i twill become common-place to see an item and then submit an image of it into a search engine in order to find similar items or places to purchase the original one.

  2. The Power of Tiktok
    Although it may seem like rolling your eyes at the latest TikTok trend and regarding the platform as Vine’s lame younger brother is the way to go, from a marketer’s perspective this is a grave mistake. TikTok has been 2020’s largest growing platform and it only seems to be gaining momentum, this is fuelled by consumers’ substantial appetite for short-form video content. As the platform with the largest Gen Z population as active users the future of social media and influencer marketing lies in the Chinese giant. In 2020, Gen Z and Millennials’ spending power amounted to about $140 billion – let that settle in. Tiktok needs to now take its rightful place within a brand’s roster of social media accounts where they actively produce content.

  3. Online Shops
    If one thing has been made apparent during the era of COVID-19 it’s that if your business is not online, it does not exist. Having a functional, attractive and intuitive online store has become primordial for brands and businesses. With lockdowns being imposed every few weeks, most businesses cannot rely solely on their brick and mortar point of sale anymore. This way of living will also alter many consumers’ buying habits with larger shifts to exclusively purchasing online, this means brands need to prioritize their customer’s online experience much more than previous years. This is not only for e-commerce type businesses; most brands can benefit from an online shift. For example, a yoga studio which has had to close its doors temporarily can continue giving classes via online platforms by adopting an acute digital strategy.

  4. Audience engagement
    With the introduction of new technologies, shifting buyer behaviours and rising social media adoption – we see a new shift in the digital experience. Audiences do not want to be passive listeners and viewers of content, they also want to play a role in the content they consume. They want to influence, interact and see themselves in the content put out by their favourite brands and creators. For this reason, brands need to devise campaigns that aim to engage in co-creation with users. In 2021, we will see brands inviting their consumers to be a part of the conversation.